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Welcome to Glen Farms Herbs & Preserves Inc.

Glen Farms began in 1984 when friends who had received David's homemade jams, vinegars and preserves as gifts encouraged us to make these great gifts available to everyone. We're sure your family and friends will enjoy them too.

Preserving Cottage Industry since 1985.

David Glen

New for 2015

The Raspberry Patch

Pomegranate Jelly

$5.00 100ml

…It must be Jelly 'cause our Jam don't shake like that!

Our pure jellies jiggle when shaken. Serve Chilled.

Guaranteed Delicious

$7 dollars…… A summers worth of imported beer bottles, and an old recipe for strawberry jam.

When Glen Farms started at the Guelph Farmer's market in 1984, The goal was to make some extra money for Christmas.


The $7 dollars paid for photocopies for the first hand-drawn labels (we still have the receipt!) The imported beer bottles were for the herb vinegars. (stubbies just didn't have the right look.)

The old handed down recipe for strawberry jam taught us about the flavour you get by using old fashioned, time honoured cooking methods. In fact the preserves made by David were quickly recognized as something extra special. These beautifully packaged preserves were bursting with flavour in a way that nothing at the farmer's market could match.

It didn't seem very long until a volunteer buyer from the Art Gallery of Ontario asked Glen Farms to supply their gift shop. The elegant country packaging was just what she wanted. Soon Glen Farms products were being sold, and creating loyal customers, in specialty food and fine gift shops all over Ontario.

With a genuine desire to remain true to the traditions and principles handed down in these turn of the century recipes, David now makes dozens of mouth watering products to tempt your palate from the breakfast table to late night snacks.


The Secret of our Original Recipes

All of our recipes came from ideas taken from turn of the century cookbooks that we inherited from Great Aunts and Grandparents. David uses these recipes and adapts them to current measures and batch sizes. (It's tough to accurately measure in bushels and pecks!) The result is superior full flavoured jams and marmalades that are also low in sugar.

Our time honoured recipes were written before commercial pectins were invented. Like these traditional recipes, we depend on cooking rather than added pectins to thicken them. Everything Glen Farms makes is made without added pectin, preservatives, or compromises.

In a society that is trying to improve diet, food products that can offer a healthy alternative are very important. That is why we are proud of the lower sugar content of our preserves.

The great flavour of our herbs and preserves has established many loyal fans, with mail coming in from as far away as Scotland and California! Our elegant country packaging is the perfect gift to yourself or a friend.

The Very Best in Homemade Jams

Four Fruit Jam

Our best-selling mix of Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherries & Red Currants.

Our preserves have twice the fruit but half the sugar of jams made with added pectin.

Four Fruit


Raspberry & Red Currant


Strawberry Rhubarb

Black Currant

250 ml (8oz.) $6.50

Good Things Come in Small Batches

At Glen Farms all our jams and preserves are cooked quickly, at high heat, in small batches. We use only the finest fruit, sugar and sometimes a little lemon juice. Our old-fashioned family recipes produce jam filled with chunks of whole fruit that are tender, soft, and bursting with flavor.

Glen Farms Herbs & Preserves Inc.

Glen Farms Herbs & Preserves Inc.

1233 Huron St. #208
London, Ontario,
Canada N5Y 4L4

Dave's Cell

Executive Sweet

Executive Sweet

Guaranteed Delicious.

A tasty assortment of Raspberry, Black Currant, Four Fruit & Strawberry jams in a snappy briefcase. Perfect for a student or office buddy.


You just can't beat the taste of anything homemade in small batches.

More fruit. Less sugar. Hand made in small batches. Absolutely no added pectin, preservatives or compromises. These are the secrets of our superior full flavour goodness.

David Glen


We have a lot to live up to…

Your Good Taste.


Aye, 'tis a Bonnie Marmalade.

Scottish Marmalade

Our Scottish Marmalade is a delicious traditional blend of oranges, lemons & grapefruit.

It is based upon a recipe from cousin Ruby Glen in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Scottish Marmalade

Ginger Marmalade

Orange Peach Marmalade

250 ml (8 oz.) $6.50 each

Dear Sirs:

"I was given a small jar of your Scottish Marmalade at a fundraising event for the Blyth Festival during the autumn. It was so good that I was tempted to renounce a life-long habit of not eating a good breakfast, but my supply of marmalade was gone before my mind was made up. Can you tell me please where I can buy your products in Toronto?"


Stephen A.
(Rosedale Road)

Miss Anna hunting wild blueberries.

May 1991

Glen Farms Herbs & Preserves Inc.

Glen Farms Herbs &
Preserves Inc.

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